The Kent Wedding Centre - Website Changes 2015

What's changed:

General changes

  • A more responsive, mobile friendly-er website
  • New images for the interior
  • Promo video created (on homepage)
  • Emails changed (see email)
  • Added venues page

Homepage and index

  • There is now direct contact info on the front page
  • List of all the services we offer 
  • An 'essentials' section
  • Scrolls well on mobile so no menus have to be used unless desired
  • Fonts changed to represent the KWC style more

Pages and supplier information

  • A whole page with thumbnails and bio for suppliers 
  • A new page for every supplier under 'essentials'
  • New gallery layouts
  • Header images on many of the pages
  • New images that have been provided were added
  • SEO Provided for each individual page for search engines

The old website can be found here.