What to consider when choosing your wedding rings! By Rings Rock

With so many things to consider in the weeks and months leading up to the "big day" your wedding rings may take a back seat but these little symbols of your love for each other are going to be worn every day for the rest of your lives so getting them right means making some very important decisions.

Rings Rock are here to help you decide which wedding ring is right for you. Here are a few points to consider before making this all important decision.

Style and shape 💕

Consider your engagement ring at this stage, if you have one. The most important thing is that your rings look good together and complement each other. If your engagement ring width is very thin then a wide wedding ring may not suit. Your engagement ring may be an unusual shape which may need to be matched with a shaped band.

Consider your lifestyle and comfort for example, will your work affect the style of ring that you wear?

Metals 💕

Consider the look of your wedding ring. The first choice to be made is which metal will it be. Yellow Gold and White Gold are popular choices. For a more hardwearing metal, platinum is a popular, though more expensive option. For a cheaper alternative consider Palladium or Titanium. For a different look, Rose Gold is becoming a more popular choice.

Consider matching your wedding rings, would you like your bands in the same metal for a matching look? Don't forget to consider the finish of the metal. polished, matt or even a mix of the two can really individualise your ring.

Gems 💕

Adding some precious stones to your wedding band is growing in popularity.

Diamonds are the most hardwearing choice and are the most popular. Consider the cut of the diamonds for a variation on the look. Brilliant cut for round and princess cut for a square finish.

Other precious stones can be added, consider sapphires, Ruby's, emeralds, anything to make your wedding ring as unique as you are.

Engraving 💕

Many couples like to engrave their wedding rings for an individual look, consider a personal message, the date of your wedding or maybe the date you met.

Finger print engraving is becoming popular. Have the finger print of your loved one engraved on either the outside or the inside of your ring for a really personal touch.

Our bespoke wedding ring service means that we can offer many different options and advice in the comfort of your own home or at the Kent Wedding Centre.

Our prices are competitive and our ideas are endless so remember Rings Rock when embarking on your journey to finding your perfect wedding rings.

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