Find out all about what we do at The Kent Wedding Centre

The founder of the centre Graham Phebey was recently interviewed by The Wedding Trader on why he created The Kent Wedding Centre & where he sees this unique venture growing!

kent wedding centre

The Wedding Trader is an industry magazine that gets to the heart of what makes our business tick, interviewing the most important figures from the big brands and important shops to previewing the latest trends. As part of their latest issue we were very honoured to be be interviewed and given a 3 page spread highlighting why our founder Graham Phebey created the business and why he sees it as a unique concept in the UK. The feature is intended to only be for people within the trade but we really wanted to share it with you so that you could understand what we do at The Kent Wedding Centre and why we think you should be visiting us as part of your big day preparation.

the kent wedding centre
the kent wedding centre

We hope this has given you a little insight into how our business works, who is behind it and why we believe in what we have created - a one stop shop. The Kent Wedding Centre is unique within the UK and serves as a year round wedding show that offers everything you need and want for your big day.

Find out for yourself and pop down this week!

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