Looking to lose a few pounds and tone up before your wedding day?

One of our brand new concessions at the Kent Wedding Centre is the C9 Forever weight-loss program and we are very excited to have them join the family! We were very curious about what they do, so curious in fact we recruited one of our other new concessions Glen & his fiancé at Eros Wedding Cars to give the program a go before their big day! Up for the challenge and excited for the results they leapt at the chance! Here we share their diary to show you just how powerful and quick the C9 Forever program works. 

C9 Forever Weight-loss Program


So here we go, 16 days before my/our wedding. After becoming one of the team at The Kent Wedding Centre and having purchased some handmade shirts for my upcoming big day, Graham kindly called me last week (after over hearing how I had felt a little disconcerted that my shirts were a snug fit...!) and informed me that the Kent Wedding Centre would like to sponsor me to take part in a trial for the Forever C9 body cleanse. Bearing in mind that I’ve trained like a dog recently but seen little to no change in my weight, I took up his offer. After meeting with Mark, the Forever C9 representative (whom gave me a detailed break down of the process), I decided to press gang my future Mrs into taking part and bought her a pack as well.

We’ve spent this evening preparing for the trial by taking some rather unflattering photos and the obligatory measuring. We both feel that this is the calm before the storm, we’re not looking forward to the next nine days but we’re prepared to be disciplined and give it our best shot! Fingers crossed we both succeed well. I’ll be writing daily as to how we’re both getting on.

C9 Forever Weight-loss program
C9 Forever Weight-loss program
C9 Forever Weight-loss program
C9 Forever Weight-loss program



Followed the process to the letter of the law today! Went shopping first thing and bought nearly everything on the food list and couldn’t wait to open the bloody celery, I was eating it before I left the supermarket!! I was admittedly starving by 11.30am. I have to say that the aloe vera gel was not as bad as I’d been led to believe from the reviews I’d read, although I was drinking it like a vodka shot. I spent all afternoon detailing my car for a wedding tomorrow (approx. 5hrs) and nibbled during the course of the afternoon. When Anna came home we did the 30 mins intensive walking (bearing in mind we are gym goers anyway) but boy did I feel drained! We sat and eat a plate of steamed veg and then retired to the front room with our one luxury of the day, MILKSHAKE! CHRIST it tasted good! Sweetness! Whilst sitting, and savouring our shakes, Anna started picking at her teeth and proclaimed she had cauliflower stuck in her teeth, Hilarious!


So, after spending yesterday out on the road doing a wedding with only an apple and some celery in the car, oh and of course the prescribed tablets, fibre drink and water, I came home completely shattered. This is how you’re apparently supposed to feel and boy did I feel it, TIRED! We forced ourselves to go to the gym, surprisingly I was able to do all I planned and returned home even more shattered, but at least I had the energy to make dinner with Anna. Dinner consisted of leeks, 1 tomato, spinach and 8 spears of asparagus. Who’d have thought you could make boiled leeks taste so good with a sprinkle of thyme and chilli seeds! Yet again we saved our milkshakes till the evening, it then feels like a dessert AND a treat! I can tell I’m missing sugar. Anna then spent the next hour reading through the dinner menus, which we can start today, I felt like I hadn’t eaten for weeks! God knows why but I keep craving cheese? Anyway, after the hour of teasing from Anna about the forth coming dinners we're about to enjoy, we went to bed exhausted.

As for today, well we both woke up a little groggy, through a lack of sleep! 6 times I was up last night going to the toilet, 6 times! When I read some reviews on this product, a few said that they felt their sleep was erratic, I know why! BUT, I’ve woke up and boy do I feel lean and this is without having any ‘movement’s as such in the toilet area, how lean am I really going to feel once I’ve got rid of my Chinese that we had three night ago? We're off to the shop in a while to get the food for today’s dinner, and yes it’s the roast today, it is Sunday after all!

After a day of gardening and preparing for our own wedding, we started the much awaited roast dinner; it transpires that it wasn’t worth all the hype, who on earth cooks without salt? The vegetables were tasteless, turkey was ok but the baked potato was great! And then later whilst sitting filling out our booklet Anna realised we had forgotten to include the poached pear with vanilla extract and cinnamon! GUTTED!

Three days in now and it certainly feels like a marathon.


Nothing much to report today, we're still on course and there’s been no wavering, in fact it transpires that we both didn’t take our full consumption of milkshakes today (2) and I didn’t eat much at all of the free foods, perhaps that was down to the fact that I find raw vegetables tasteless and boring. But we both can feel a difference in our bodies, yes I feel tired and still a tad listless but I also feel lean, I can feel my hip bones clearly now, something I’ve not been able to do for a couple of years. I know something’s happening as I had work later in the day and put a suit on that’s been shall we say extremely difficult to do up around the waist for approximately 2 years (I’d always refused to buy bigger suits in the hope I’d get back down to fitting them) but today it felt comfortable, snug, but comfortable.

We also feel the pennies dropped, although we both took on this project as an emergency last gasp exercise for our upcoming wedding in 11 days time, we both concluded last night that this process is actually a mind-set in to life style changes, we eat too much, too much food, too much salt, too much dairy products, too much of all the things that slow us down and give us the extra couple of kilos (pounds for the un-converted) that we’ve carried around needlessly, it’s simply a life style change that many of us need to put in place! As regular gym goers and a ‘keep fit’ couple we knew what was required but had never put it in to practise, I like food, a lot of it and I like sometimes the wrong type, I also like a drink occasionally, and that’s the point, OCCASIONALLY! Secretly I’m a tad GUTTED that our weddings going to get in the way of this transformation taking place, ssshhhh! Don’t tell Anna!


Felt listless all day and a little tired of eating raw vegetables by now. I had a small plate of mixed fruit for breakfast then spent the day yet again running around in preparation for our own big day. I didn’t really think much about food today and took all the tablets and aloe Vera gel and fibre drink when I was supposed too AND plenty of water! Also remembered that I hadn’t had the first milkshake of the day, should have been having two a day since day three but overlooked it. I did however cook the pasta dish later for myself and Anna, and I have to say it was rather tasty and larger than expected. The booklet said 150g but the packet of pasta said 75g per serving, well, somewhere in the middle would be fine as the booklets quota was far too much for two under nourished individuals like us. That being said, it was welcome. We both feel like the punishment is well worth it, we are VISIBLY seeing a difference in ourselves and each other. We are both so hopeful that the scales and measuring tape tell us exactly what we are seeing and feeling actually cannot wait to see if this has all been worthwhile.


Well here we are on day 9 of the body cleansing! I/we have been so busy preparing for our wedding, and training in the hope of losing weight that I’ve not had time to write a daily blog, who’d have thought a wedding could be so time consuming! Anna travels to Poland tomorrow so she will have to weigh herself later today once we make our way to the gym. Fingers crossed she sees some change, secretly I can see a change in her but I’m refraining from saying anything until we see the final tally up just in case there’s little change.

Un bloody real! Here we are later in the day (day 8) and Anna has just weighed herself, she has lost 3.2 kg AND 3cm of her chest, 2cm of waist, a staggering 7cm of her hips, 2cm of thighs and 1.5cm of her calves!!!! This girl is wedding fit! And boy does she look Good!!! God help me if I don’t do better!


Just dropped Anna at the airport and I’m straight off to the gym. This is day 9 for us both but she’s now gone and I’m all alone for two days before I drive to Poland. We decided to measure ourselves last night before she left so her measurements and mine (to follow) were taken on day 8 and I held off telling you as I wanted to give you the info all together, now bearing in mind I’m off on the lash tonight (impromptu stag do) like Anna, my measurements were taken on day 8 and my weight was taken on day 9, so there is actually a day to go till completing but I’d rather do it before I drink alcohol this evening!

So, here we go, two days early!

7cm off my chest!

1cm off biceps

6cm off the waist

4cm off my hips

2cm off my thighs

2cm ON my calves



............On day 9...........

A staggering

5.1kg weight loss!!!


I didn’t really think for one moment this would actually amount to such a difference BUT BOY AM I HAPPY!!!

I’m GUTTED that I’m having a few beers tonight but boy I feel I deserve it!


Some 5 days after my wedding and I’m Married now!

Some twelve days after finishing the C9 body cleanse and a hell of a lot of food and alcohol intake has been done, do I mind? A little bit! But as I had said previously, this is a mind-set! I’ve not forgotten what I undertook or learned. I know now that the cleanse was a means to an end, but where does it end? It doesn’t! IT’S A LIFESTYLE CHOICE!

I am back on the programme from next Monday and I’m set to continue the trend, albeit that it’s going to cost me a small fortune in alteration costs on my suits! But God it was worth it for the both of us!!!

C9 Forever Weight-loss program
Forever Weight-loss program
C9 Forever Weight-loss program

Inspired? All those amazing results in just 8/9 days!! If you would like more information on losing a few pounds and fit into your wedding dress or suit before the big day get in touch with the very friendly Mark (and Lorraine) at Forever now!

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