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Every ceremony starts with a blank sheet of paper and slowly builds to become your perfect ceremony. Your vow giving service should be as unique as you are and Janet is the Celebrant in Kent to create that for you!

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Celebrant Services in Kent

As a celebrant Janet cannot legally marry you, but most couples go to their local Registry Office for a short legal service a few days before their ceremony. The couple can then hold their vow giving at a venue of their dreams, be that on a beach, in a forest, hotel or even your own garden or home. Your venue does not have to be licensed for marriages.

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A Symbolic Ceremony that reflects you

The unity ceremonies offered (but not exclusive too) are ancient in their history but their meaning is just as true today as it was back then.

The Sand Ceremony, the couple each has a different coloured sand and they take turns to pour their sand into a central container. Which means that as the sand cannot be separated into their separate colours nor can you be separated.

Handfasting, before the use of rings and legal marriages were common a couple would be bound in matrimony using a rope, cord or ribbon. This is where the expression tying the knot comes from!

Jumping the Broom, signifies sweeping away your old life and jumping into your new life.

These are just some of the examples of ceremonies that you can have but 'Making Precious Moments Celebrant Ceremonies' can work with you to create any type of ceremony you desire.

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For more information contact Janet to arrange a no-obligation meeting to discuss your dreams and ideas for your perfect day.

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Making Precious Moments Celebrant Ceremonies

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