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Together we can create the most unique wedding in 2019 that you will look back on and love

wedding ideas 2019

You may have noticed here at The Kent Wedding Centre, we like to take the finest minds in wedding design and put them together in order to give you the most unique big day possible. So we thought we would brainstorm some of our favourite wedding ideas for 2019 with our many suppliers & services at the centre - to make sure you are ahead of the wedding game for your wedding day next year and beyond.

We could easily tell you to scroll through pretty pics for your wedding day on Pinterest for all the best inspo. But we thought we would do you a favour instead by highlighting some of our favourite ideas right here.

Below, you’ll find trends/things/thoughts that we are excited for in 2019. And we’re revealing all of our best secrets! You’ll find decor moments we’re obsessed with, practices we want to steal (well, politely borrow), and concepts we can’t wait to see couples put into action. Basically, these are the ideas to take your 2019 wedding to the next level.

Keep reading to see exactly what we’re talking about. We hope you take these ideas and create some of your own too. We’ll be right here ready to swoon over your 2019 wedding pictures when you do!

wedding ideas for 2019


At the end of the night when everyone is fed, watered and possibly partied out, get everyone to leave and take a moment for yourselves. Don’t worry its not rude and you can simply get everyone into another room or outside ready for your big exit. Have a last dance with your new wife/husband and enjoy a memory together with is just yours.


It’s no secret that wallpaper can transform a space at home – and it’s the same when used at a wedding. Using prints on statement walls (behind the head table, as an escort card display) or even as the ceremony alter itself. Feel free to get creative! Our amazing wedding planner Caro Events will be able to organise and facilitate your dream wedding wallpaper look that will create a statement on your big day.


Getting a tailored shirt for your wedding day is a real treat and these days is not as expensive as you would think. You can not only get a shirt that fits you perfectly and matches the theme, but you could also monogram your initials on your cuff or get your wedding day sewn into the inside collar for example. getSHIRTIE can create pieces that are not just worn and forgotten but can be kept as a lasting memory of your wedding day.


And no, we’re not talking about a pic of all your girls or a mass selfie. Instead, make like this couple, who actually took a shot during their ceremony. Talk about a great way to start the party – and a lifetime of adventure together!


Couples are now including their pets in every single detail – making sure they are fully included in their big day. We love this idea and can fully endorse a custom of fun day-of items like cocktail napkins, bar signs & invitations created with their pets cute little faces on. Also popular? Dress up the dog and have him/her be your Paige boy! Matchimony create amazing bespoke pieces for your wedding day, like personalised dressing gowns, swimsuits and really on-trend bridesmaids but they also make bow-ties for dogs! Too cute - check them out here.


After obsessing over the guest experiences and all the ways to make them go “wow”, you can’t forget to think about yourselves. That’s why we want to highlight one of our favourite new rituals: sharing your vows in private. This is an especially great solution if you’re not an A+ public speaker (because who is!), or if you want to exchange traditional vows during the ceremony. Also, exchanging vows in private gives you more time to focus on your partner and your love. And at the end of the day, what more do you want than that? You could even create an original ceremony that means more to you, something that you would rather keep just for you - such as a sand ceremony or handfasting (binding together with rope). We have the very creative Making precious moments celebrant ceremonies at the centre and she knows all about unique ceremonies that are perfect for private vows.


The drone can be the perfect modern addition to your wedding day with its very unobtrusive nature allowing footage to be taken of the bride and groom as well as their guests. The ceremony can involve drone aerial photography, flying over the vows as well as everyone who is sitting in the audience. It can catch the first kiss as well as the ring exchange from an aerial view – completely different images than what the photographer standing on the ground is going to be able to get. Choose both and you have an amazing mix of wedding day photography to cherish. We can highly recommend Digital Video UK as they are experts in this field and have captured so many weddings in Kent using this technology and truly, its breathtaking.


Who doesn’t love Lego!? Its a fun memory from our childhood and now a very creative way to decorate your wedding reception in 2019! We work with the amazing LittleBricks and they create sculptures, models and favours for your wedding day that defy belief! Why not have a Lego postbox for your well wishers? Or bespoke Lego husband and wife on top of the wedding cake? Or even (nearly) life-size replicas of yourself on display! They make for the perfect photo op and they’e great fun for the kids - just don’t let them too close!

There you have it! Just some of our favourite wedding ideas for 2019. We are always having fresh thoughts on what is happening in the world of weddings because everyday we are surrounded by a huge team of suppliers each experts in their own field - always sharing ideas.

Visit us or pop in and see for yourself the kind of amazing things we can do for your wedding!