You've chosen a beautiful wedding car so make sure you make it a feature

wedding car in kent

Choosing a beautiful wedding car to provide transportation for your big day can be stylish and fun, but its uses go beyond taking you from point A to B. Here are 5 great ways to include your wedding car into the pictures taken during your special day!

wedding car in kent

Entering or Exiting

A picture featuring the husband, bride, or both in the doorway of the vehicle can be a great way to show excitement for the ceremony, or the beginning of their new life together.


This picture can feature either just the happy couple, or include the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Another fun thing the passengers can be doing is waving out the back window, like they would do leaving the ceremony to say goodbye to their friends and family. This also the perfect opportunity to show off the interior of your ride for the day.

wedding cars in kent

Beside the wedding car

A picture along the side of the wedding car can be great for pictures meant to include a larger amount of people. The long side of the vehicle is perfect for this because anyone being included from groomsmen to family members can fit within this background. Taking the picture from an angle along the side is also a great way to add perspective to the picture, and take advantage of the reflections off of the paint. This picture may be best taken with everyone lined up alongside the wedding car.

wedding cars in kent

In front of the hood

The front of the wedding car is great for individual photos or for pictures of the couple. The two can lean against it casually or simply stand in front of it. The subjects of the picture can even lean against the front corner, and the picture can be taken from an angle to add depth and perspective by showing off the rest of the wedding car.

The sunroof or open top

This photo opportunity is a classic. It’s great for pictures of small groups or individual shots to have the couple coming out of the sunroof like they’re joyriding. This picture can be taken close-up to capture the fun of the moment, or from farther back to show off the vehicle. This photograph is fun and light-hearted.

wedding cars in kent

We are privileged to have two amazing wedding car companies at The Kent Wedding Centre with two unique styles! A recent addition to us is Aisle of Dreams who have been chauffeuring brides in Kent for over 14 years. They have an immaculate fleet of vintage cars that will look incredible in your photographs as well as gliding into your wedding grounds.

Alongside the vintage we also have the modern and luxurious with BWHire, expert chauffeurs who treat their brides with the importance and warmth that your big day deserves! They carry a stylish selection of modern motors that ensure that you arrive looking chic and in comfort.

wedding cars in kent