There's more to getting the right wedding cake than deciding between buttercream or fondant.

questions to ask wedding cake maker

Your wedding cake is not all about the pretty decorations and multiple tiers. After you’ve been snapped cutting the cake, you’ll be dishing it out to your guests, so you’ll want it to taste as amazing as it looks. Make ordering your wedding cake simple by asking these all-important questions.

What size of cake do I need for my guests?

The size of your cake will, of course, be dependent on how many guests you are inviting. A small cake won’t go around all of your guests if you have 100 plus people attending your day. Ask your cake maker their advice because this may change depending on where you buy your cake.

The size of the tiers can vary as well as the number of tiers you have, so if you like the look of taller cakes you can ask your cake maker if you could have smaller cakes but keep the height. Don’t forget that the base layers of tall tiered cakes are often dummy tiers, made from polystyrene and covered in icing, but these illusion tiers aren’t always that much cheaper. They still take the same amount of time and skill to decorate as the real thing. Also, don’t forget that some people like seconds!

questions to ask wedding cake maker

How soon should I order my wedding cake?

You want to be sure that your wedding date is definitely available and that you have plenty of time to try some samples.

Can all of the decoration be edible?

This will depend on what you want your cake to look like! There are so many styles of decoration now, including edible flowers, meringue kisses, popcorn sprayed in a whole range of different colours, sugar flowers, fresh fruits and real blooms. It is best to show your cake maker a few styles that you like and go from there.

questions to ask wedding cake maker

Can you cater for allergies?

In modern society, this is a big question. Most cake makers will be able to work with a whole host of dietary needs, but always check first.

How long can I store the cake for after the day?

Traditionally, when wedding cakes were made up of three tiers of fruit cake, the top tier of a wedding cake was kept for the christening of the couple’s first child. Fruitcake is the best type of cake to use if you want to follow tradition and preserve the top layer because it can last for over a year, properly stored, and if you need to keep it for longer you can freeze it. For any other cake flavours, you will need to check with your supplier how long the sponges will keep for.

questions for wedding cake maker

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