Your Destination Wedding Planning Guide

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Decided to go for a Destination Wedding? A big day in the sun? Congrats! You won't regret it but there is plenty of planning needed and now is the time to start! 

Planning a destination wedding means your ceremony will be much more intimate. But before you jet off to a foreign land, there are a few important details you need to consider.

Our destination wedding experts Baldwins Travel Group have helped to plan hundreds of destination weddings and honeymoons, so they wanted to share their biggest tips with you. Whether you’re going glamorous in the Maldives or opting for a romantic getaway in Italy, they've got all of your bases covered. From choosing the venue to knowing what style of dress to pick, here are their top tips on how to plan a destination wedding – wherever you decide to tie the knot! 


Choose a location that is special to you, but is also practical! 

It can be a struggle to balance practicality with the excitement of choosing a place that holds special memories for you. Maybe it was your first holiday destination together or where you met? Either way if the location only has one hotel on the island... its not much use! So make sure you both love the place and it has the resources to cater for you. 

Give your guests plenty of warning

As you can imagine inviting guests to a wedding abroad is a lot trickier than bringing them along to your local church. So give your nearest and dearest plenty of time to decide if they can afford to come, get the time off work, child-care or if they can actually make the date/s! 

Save, save, save...

Your biggest cost will most likely be travelling to and from your destination wedding location and staying there. But try and save money by using the local services as much as possible. Choose a florist nearby, get catering from a nearby establishment - use the community as much as possible and it will surely improve the whole experience and make it even more special! You can get fancy kebabs right?!

Keep your guests together

A wedding abroad always runs a lot more smoothly when the guests are kept together - just think of it like an adults school trip! Keep all the kids, (sorry guests!) in one reasonably priced hotel and not only will they have more fun as one big party but you'll also be able to keep track of them! Just don't set a wedding date without checking room availability!

See the venue before you get married

Remember when the cast of Friends came to London? When the church was being torn down the day before the wedding! This is a little extreme but its best to see your destination wedding venue before you book and three to four months before the big day. If the holiday (research trip...) 3-4 months before is not possible then try and arrive 5 days before the ceremony - doing this will also help you plan and organise the local catering etc. 

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Meet your suppliers in person

This may not always be possible but try, having a face to face meeting with a supplier will give you a much better gauge of them as a person and you may also be able to see where they work etc. You may also be able to visit the venue with the supplier which will help map out your day. If you follow the point above... they may also have some local recommendations. 

Make some room in your budget

Decided you want to bring suppliers from? Ok no problem but they will need somewhere to stay so make that is agreed upfront and everyone is on the same page. Discuss their travel costs too. 

Stuff your suitcase!

Sending items abroad can be expensive and risky, picking things up in person can be also be tricky so try and bring as much with you as possible. It will save you time and money plus you have the delight of finding confetti in your shoes for the next few months! 

Think of your destination when you pick your wedding dress

A lightweight, floaty dress is perfect for a beach wedding or a lightweight lace is ideal for a hot city wedding. Breathable fabric is something to aim for and if you're packing your wedding dress then choose something that won't crease too much. But don't pack your gown in your suitcase, take it separately. Even if you have to fold it you will be much better off in the long run. Also make sure there are facilities to steam and press your wedding dress either at your hotel or nearby. 

Make sure you have all the bases covered by getting in touch with our experts Baldwins travel group! They are also the perfect choice for planning your dream honeymoon in the sun! 


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