and how to handle them in the best way possible


You’d think that planning a wedding would be just about the bride and groom. But you’d be wrong... There’s another big group of people that you have to take into consideration – they're called your wedding guests.

Planning a wedding is no piece of cake and it’s likely you’re going to get a lot of questions from your wedding guests in the run-up to your big day. Especially your family and friends who you see quite often – they’ll always be asking for an update. So in order for you to keep calm and stop repeating yourself to everyone, it’s best to clearly communicate some key information about your wedding day. Keep scrolling for the five most popular questions that guests will ask…and of course, how you can answer them. Easy!

Can we bring our kids?

If you’re saying “no kids,” then don’t make any exceptions—even if your cousin Leslie begs to bring her adorable little ones. The only reasonable exception is if you have a handful of children who are in your very close family (your own kids, siblings, nieces and nephews) and are in the wedding party. Or you choose to have a family wedding and be clear on the invitations that the kids are more than welcome. Either way making that initial statement on the invite crystal will save some questions. 

Can I bring my new boyfriend/girlfriend/tinder match? 

We can guarantee that you’ve had to cut down your guest list. But what happens if one of your partner’s groomsmen wants to bring their new girlfriend? And what if they’ve only been seeing each other for a month and you’ve never met them? Tricky.

When you start to think about plus ones, it can get out of hand. Again, this all comes down to how you address your invitations. Actually your 'wedding website' is a great place to put this information - if you’d rather not suffer through a tricky conversation, you can make it clear on there. If you are okay with it, include “plus one” or “plus guest” on the invite! Or maybe just plus ones for the evening. Either way make it transparent and there will be no issue, well... less issue!

What's the dress code...?

Whether your wedding guests ask you this or not, it’s always good to clarify. You don’t want someone turning up in a fancy suit and someone else turning up in trainers…

It completely depends on the theme of your big day and the style you want to go for. If you’re going for a boho/backyard style wedding you might suggest garden party attire (summer suits and dresses). Or if you’re going all out for the classic ceremony, you could say black tie, or formal (black tie optional). Let people know as soon as possible because not everyone has a walk in wardrobe full of options, they may need to plan ahead and purchase something special. 

Can I stay somewhere nearby?

It’s likely that you’ll have wedding guests travelling from out of town so it’s important to provide this information for your guests. It might be that your venue has some accommodation available, but make sure you provide details of alternative accommodation too. Consider adding an information card to your wedding invitation set and on your wedding website if you're having one. You may also be able to strike a deal with local hotels as you're bringing the business, contact them early enough and they may give you a code or ask you to buy up a few rooms for a better rate. 

Why aren't you having your wedding at....? Why didn't you choose my florist? Did you not like my friend the hair-stylist?

Your instinct may be flight or flight but... be calm and remind yourself and then them, that this is your day and the choices you made were right for you. Weddings are very personal things. 

Whether you’re having a formal wedding ceremony, a small country get together, or a Pinterest-perfect barn celebration, someone, somewhere, is going to hate your wedding venue/dress/hair etc. They’ll wonder why your wedding isn’t where you grew up, why you wanted it somewhere so fancy, or why you aren’t sticking to tradition. Have your wedding on a beach in Ibiza and there’s a good bet that someone will glare at the sunset and wonder why they had to pay so much for a plane ticket. Take a deep breath and accept it. Hopefully they don’t voice their confusion, but if they do, they’re the rude ones—not you for hosting your wedding where you want to or making the considered choices that you did.