We’re revealing our best tips to help you deliver a fantastic wedding speech.

The groom’s speech may sound like a daunting task, but in reality this is probably the least stressful part of the groom’s day. Even when it comes to speeches, the bulk of the pressure in on the best man to make people laugh and the bride’s father to make everyone go ‘awh’.

For the most part, your speech simply consists of thanking people and no one is expecting you to blow everyone away with a dazzling oration.

Still though, there are a few things to take into account when putting your speech together…


At most weddings, the groom speech is the part of the celebration where the groom is the centre of attention. This can be really unnerving for some people. But with good practice and preparation, delivering your groom speech can be a moment you’ll remember forever. Follow these steps to make your groom speech a wonderful and enjoyable experience.

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Heed our words: if you do not write it down in advance, you will forget to thank people and those people will be a bit miffed. Not being prepared will also result in nervous ad lib and who knows what you’ll say or who you’ll end up offending! 

Start making a note of things as they come into your head and start writing around six weeks before. This will give you plenty of time to create a good structure, make sure the details are sorted, and practice out loud.


The biggest mistake grooms and best men make when giving their speeches is cracking a load of jokes that only their friends or siblings will understand. Remember, half the people there were invited by your bride and in reality, many of the people on your side won’t understand why you shouting “The Shakespeare's Head” is causing a total of four people to crack up laughing. Make sure your speech can be enjoyed by everyone there.

Your job is to thank people and say a few nice things about your new wife; it’s the best man who has to worry about making people laugh. Feel free to mention a couple of very short anecdotes about a few people you’re mentioning, but don’t launch into long rambling stories about that weekend the lads went to Manchester....

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You don’t have to do this alone! Ask a trusted friend or family member for their opinion on what route you’re going down. You could even ask someone who has given speeches themselves if they’ll have any tips for you. Sharing the content with your future father-in-law and best man is wise to make sure you’re not duplicating any content.

You should also confirm the running order with the other speech-givers, as well as a broad idea of the content of their speech. Usually, the order goes like this:

  • Father of the bride
  • Groom
  • Best man

But you can follow whatever order you like – remember, it’s your wedding!


You might think your speech looks good on paper or sounds good in your head. But its success will depend on your delivery. That’s why you need to practice. Find the time to say your speech aloud. In the couple of weeks before your wedding, try and go through it each day to practice your volume and pace. This will allow you to become so relaxed with it and will help you stop looking at your notes too, it will also stop you from rattling through it.

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English people find it hard to be nice without severe sarcasm, but the groom’s speech is about recognising all the people who have helped you and your wife make it to this point. No one will laugh at you for getting a little sentimental about your parents, your bride or your best friend; in fact, for a lot of people, it’s one of the nicest things about a wedding. Plus you can blame it on all those drinks you were bought afterwards! 


Prepare to feel nervous. It’s completely normal so don’t worry about that. And don’t try to suppress your feelings (especially with alcohol!). Instead, recognise the energy they give you.

All your guests will be willing you on and more so than anyone will be your new husband or wife sitting right next to you. It’s your big day. Enjoy it.

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